Serene Introspection

Serene introspection - the positive effects of honest reflection that stem from the application of serenity within oneself, changing what one can and accepting what one cannot, resulting in growth as an individual and recognizing the role one plays in their own life. A growth and recovery blog.

CAN I GO ON A DATE please I look so cute with this new haircut. SO HAPPY to be back in Davis my confidence is coming back now that I’m in a healthy living arrangement again and I COULD NOT be happier. It’s fantastic. I’m as happy as I used to be and so excited for all kinds of things. I’ve been making the first week the life I want to have and it feels amazing. It is amazing. This this feeling I MISSED I got so sick and I lost it but its coming back, its coming back. And I owe my recovery to ME alone. Yes. I’m doing it, and the day I can say I did it - happiest I’ll ever be, I have goosebumps thinking about it.

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    Annie you’re absolutely gorgeous. (: I hope you find a guy that you’ll like so that he can take you on a date!
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